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This is a family story...

Cédric bayle <span class="credit-photo"> - Crédit photographique : François Vinot</span>

Cédric bayle - Crédit photographique : François Vinot

It all began in 1965. At the time, Sophie Trebuchet, the mother of Cedric, ran a small outlet which specialized in printing and stationery. A florist friend advised her to decorate the window of her shop with old antiques and to add some floral decoration. Sophie Trebuchet then chose an old spinning wheel she donned with dried flowers. The wheel was purchased on the spot. It was the beginning of success!

A lover of art, a taste inherited from her mother, Sophie quickly abandoned the world of stationery to devote herself solely to that of decoration.

A pioneer in  70's Asian decor well before the general enthusiasm, Sophie always anticipated patterns of society. She met the expectations of a demanding Parisian public offering as early as the 80's. A return to decorative woodwork as well as stone and terracotta objects and garden furniture in the 90's.

Sophie's passion was  transmitted to Cedric when he was young by taking him along to flea markets and antiques fairs. Cedric grew to love joining  his mother on those adventures. Together, Cedric and Sophie selected hundreds of architectural and decorative elements throughout the 2000s.

Since then, Cedric, now the sole owner, extended the boutique's range to include industrial furniture and various aeronautical objects. Always with the same goal to offer what is not seen elsewhere: a truly unique piece.

He particularly enjoys searching for furniture and timeless objects in factories or workshops. He enjoys the special touch that one can have from furniture which has texture: a specific roughness, smoothness of well worn materials handcrafted and reworked by an artist, and the unique patina that only time can provide to objects.

Over the last  50 years from the start of this beautiful family adventure, Cédric Bayle still embodies the same spirit, and the same tradition by offering furniture and objects of exquisite quality and distinctive nature.



  • “Très jolie boutique de design. On y trouve son bonheur, ou le bonheur des autres si l’on veut offrir un cadeau original.”

    Cédric C., Orléans - France
  • “Du brut aux objets les plus retravaillés, on trouve presque tout ce qu'on l'on cherche et surtout tout ce que l'on ne cherchait pas.”

    Joffrey Quezin, Paris - FRANCE
  • “Superbe boutique. Accueil très bon, on ne vous saute pas dessus dès que vous avez passé le pas de porte. Toujours plein de clients ou de curieux.”

    Yves B., Paris - France
  • “Boutique magnifique avec de nombreux articles de très bonne qualité.”

    Antoine O., Tours - France
  • “Attendez-vous à vouloir absolument acquérir tel ou tel objet, dont vous n’imaginiez même pas l’existence avant d’entrer.”

    Raphaël Redier, Paris - FRANCE
  • “Une boutique toujours très agréable à fréquenter, avec une jolie sélection de mobilier !”

    Aude M., Caen - France
  • “Laboutique 75 has a lot to offer it's customers. I was impressed by the many unique and original items on display. It was certainly one of the finest stores in the Paris flea market.”

    Elizabeth Parsons, Hockessin DE - USA
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